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Laurel Tinney is a classical piano teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience. She instructs both children and adults using the well-known and highly respected Traditional Classical Method.

  • Travel to the Blue Bell area and the Main Line.

  • Member of the Music Teachers National Association, the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association and Northern Delaware Valley Chapter from 1999 to present.

  • President of NDVC from 2009 – 2011.

  • Studied with Alexander Fiorillo, a concert pianist and Professor at Temple University.

  • Teaches children and adults.

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Laurel Tinney is a vibrant, experienced classical piano teacher who engages her students fully and whole-heartedly in the process of learning the piano. 
Laurel has been teaching traditional classical piano for over twenty years.  She began her classical piano studies at the age of eight with Elizabeth Bonaccorso, studying with her for eight years.  She then continued her education with Eleanore Trimborn for five years.  From 1998 – 2003, she studied with concert pianist and master teacher Alexander Fiorillo, a professor of music at Temple University’s Esther Boyer College of Music.  Mr. Fiorillo was one of only four students of the legendary pianist Vladimir Horowizt, one of the most famous pianists of the 20th century.  Alexander Fiorillo, throughout his studies, inherited teachings of Beethoven, Czerny and Liszt, three great composers of classical music.  Laurel is thrilled to pass on this extraordinary musical heritage to her students.
Laurel Tinney has been an active member of the Music Teachers National Association, the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association, and the Northern Delaware Valley Chapter since 1999.  She has served on many board positions, and was president of the Northern Delaware Valley Chapter from 2009 – 2011.



Exceeding Your Expectations

Laurel Tinney Piano Studio has earned its positive reputation because she goes out of her way to provide truly exceptional service to each of her students. She understands that her students are all different, and she's ready to adapt her lessons quickly to ensure their success.



Laurel Tinney emphasizes strong reading skills, excellent technique and beautiful quality of tone, utilizing varied and enjoyable classical repertoire.  With great care and enthusiasm, she helps create a dedication to practicing and to the process of learning, as well as a great love of music and the student’s own appreciation of his/her musicianship.
It is important to understand that learning to play the piano well requires a partnership agreement between the parent, the student and the teacher, and a shared desire to reach the ultimate goal of proficient and accomplished piano playing.  It is very important that all three work together as one to reach this goal. 
In order to ensure steady progress, Laurel Tinney uses a system of sequential skill sets with her students.  An example of a skill set for a beginner would include (but not be limited to):  proper posture and holding of hands and fingers; quality of tone; basic ear training; beginning reading skills including eighth notes and rests, sharps, flats; rhythm patterns in a variety of time signatures including upbeats and downbeats, syncopation; beginning scales, chords and arpeggios; key signatures; intervals; beginning theory, etc. A student must have a strong basic understanding of one skill set before segueing onto the next.  This process ensures that the student has all the necessary knowledge as well as excellent development of the fingers in order to do well with the next level of skills.  It ensures steady progress through his/her years of study. 
There is a spring recital held at the end of the academic year in June.  Performing is a wonderful opportunity for the student to share with others his/her love of music, and showcases their ability to play.  It helps increase self-confidence, and proves very inspirational to hear the more advanced students perform.



See what both parents and adult students have to say.

"Laurel combines excellent teaching skills with enormous patience. My kids always look forward to her visits which is a testament to her ability to connect with them and show them the joy of music. She's a pro!!" 
    Gary S.

"My two children have taken piano lessons with Ms. Laurel for a few years now. She was able to engage them right from the start with her upbeat personality. She has never made them feel inadequate or embarrassed at the piano, and introduces new concepts according to their level and pace. In addition to learning the notes and theory, she also focuses on the dynamics and phrasing of a piece, even at a very early level. My children have developed a warm relationship with Ms. Laurel, and it helps to make learning piano more fun." 
    Lori N., Berwyn.

"Ms. Laurel is a fantastic teacher with a gentle, supportive and caring approach. She began working with our son, Jack, at age six and soon our daughter will also learn to play the piano with her. Ms. Laurel's personalized style of teaching has helped Jack quickly excel on the instrument, while at the same time foster a life-long love for music. He looks forward to his lessons, enjoys practicing and has fun learning. He loves performing in the recitals that she organizes for all of her students, and we know that we'll be watching Jack beam with pride in many more of them in the years to come!" 
    Brad L., Ft. Washington.

"My son has been taking piano lessons with Laurel for the past eight years, starting when he was five. He has grown musically under Laurel's well-structured and effective teaching methods. We are amazed at how far he has come over the years. Laurel has motivated him to practice and instilled in him a love and appreciation for music and the piano. Learning to play the piano is a gift he will have his entire life." 
    Mary S.

"As an adult piano student, I have taken piano lessons on and off for many years. As a result, I have had many piano teachers in that period of time. Laurel is the first and only teacher who has taught me musical expression. She has a wonderful talent for musical interpretation, and she is comfortable teaching on a range of musical types from classical to modern. I highly recommend Laurel." 
    Jan N., Lansdale



Learning with You in Mind

Laurel Tinney Piano Studio is proud to showcase her lesson offering. Here are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have.



  1. Communicate with the teacher. Feel completely open to discuss your child's progress and any concerns with the piano teacher just as you would a school teacher. Many misunderstandings that may end in termination of lessons can be avoided this way.

  2. Make a commitment. Think about what your goals are. What do you want your child to accomplish? In order to progress effectively, piano practice needs to be treated as one of the top priorities in your child's schedule from the very beginning.

  3. Stay actively involved in your child's progress. Remember that you manage their schedule. Make sure to schedule time for practice on a regular basis.


  1. Create a Schedule. Have a regular time each day that you expect them to practice and stick to it. They will come to expect that time to be for piano practice. Keep a practice chart and affix stickers for days practiced!

  2. Keep distractions to a minimum. Make sure there is no TV, music, or other noisy distractions in the same room. This will enable your child to focus better and accomplish more.

  3. Stay aware of their assignments and involve yourself in their progress. Listen to them and read teacher's notes in the assignment book. You don't need to have an extensive background in music to be able to assist your child in this way.

  4. Encourage your child. Praise them when a piece is played well, or when you've noticed progress. Provide rewards. Children play first for their parents, then for their teacher, and lastly for themselves. Your involvement is key to their development!


Questions about the lessons I offer? Reach out to me today, I'm happy to help.



The Answers You Need



For the beginner, daily practice should be about fifteen to twenty minutes. An intermediate student should expect to practice between thirty to forty-five minutes. For the advanced student, one hour is the goal.


Monday – Friday, 2:00 pm through 9:00 pm. Saturday, 8:00 am through 12:00 pm.


Lessons are scheduled weekly throughout the school year (September through June). Parents can elect to continue study with summer lessons, which is strongly recommended.


Absolutely! There is a spring recital every June.


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