Laurel Tinney emphasizes strong reading skills, excellent technique and beautiful quality of tone, utilizing varied and enjoyable classical repertoire.  With great care and enthusiasm, she helps create a dedication to practicing and to the process of learning, as well as a great love of music and the student’s own appreciation of his/her musicianship.

It is important to understand that learning to play the piano well requires a partnership agreement between the parent, the student and the teacher, and a shared desire to reach the ultimate goal of proficient and accomplished piano playing.  It is very important that all three work together as one to reach this goal. 

In order to ensure steady progress, Laurel Tinney uses a system of sequential skill sets with her students.  An example of a skill set for a beginner would include (but not be limited to):  proper posture and holding of hands and fingers; quality of tone; basic ear training; beginning reading skills including eighth notes and rests, sharps, flats; rhythm patterns in a variety of time signatures including upbeats and downbeats, syncopation; beginning scales, chords and arpeggios; key signatures; intervals; beginning theory, etc. A student must have a strong basic understanding of one skill set before segueing onto the next.  This process ensures that the student has all the necessary knowledge as well as excellent development of the fingers in order to do well with the next level of skills.  It ensures steady progress through his/her years of study. 

There is a spring recital held at the end of the academic year in June.  Performing is a wonderful opportunity for the student to share with others his/her love of music, and showcases their ability to play.  It helps increase self-confidence, and proves very inspirational to hear the more advanced students perform.