What is the parent's role?
  1. Communicate with the teacher. Feel completely open to discuss your child's progress and any concerns with the piano teacher just as you would a school teacher. Many misunderstandings that may end in termination of lessons can be avoided this way.
  2. Make a commitment. Think about what your goals are. What do you want your child to accomplish? In order to progress effectively, piano practice needs to be treated as one of the top priorities in your child's schedule from the very beginning.
  3. Stay actively involved in your child's progress. Remember that you manage their schedule. Make sure to schedule time for practice on a regular basis.
How can I get my child to practice?
  1. Create a Schedule. Have a regular time each day that you expect them to practice and stick to it. They will come to expect that time to be for piano practice. Keep a practice chart and affix stickers for days practiced!

  2. Keep distractions to a minimum. Make sure there is no TV, music, or other noisy distractions in the same room. This will enable your child to focus better and accomplish more
  3. Stay aware of their assignments and involve yourself in their progress. Listen to them and read teacher's notes in the assignment book. You don't need to have an extensive background in music to be able to assist your child in this way.
  4. Encourage your child. Praise them when a piece is played well, or when you've noticed progress. Provide rewards. Children play first for their parents, then for their teacher, and lastly for themselves. Your involvement is key to their development!

How much practicing is expected?
    For the beginner, daily practice should be about fifteen to twenty minutes. An intermediate student should expect to practice between thirty to forty-five minutes. For the advanced student, one hour is the goal.

What days and times are lessons available?
    Monday – Friday, 2:00 pm through 9:00 pm. Saturday, 8:00 am through 12:00 pm.

How often are lessons scheduled?
    Lessons are scheduled weekly throughout the school year (September through June). Parents can elect to continue study with summer lessons, which is strongly recommended.

Do you have recitals?
    Absolutely! There is a winter recital every December, and a spring recital every June.