Welcome to the Laurel Tinney Piano Studio

Laurel Tinney is a classical piano teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience. She instructs both children and adults using the well-known and highly respected Traditional Classical Method. For adults who have studied before, and based upon the length of time, the teaching method can be tailored to the goals of the adult. Laurel teaches children from as young as six through to their senior year in high school, and adults of all ages.

Reading Skills develop quickly from the very beginning for both children and adults. This occurs through a well-developed method which emphasizes, but is not limited to, a wide variety of hand placements, basic theory, interval training and ear training. A synergy is created, resulting in good reading and aural skills, as well as a developing musicality.

Lessons are available at the studio in Blue Bell or in your home. Laurel travels in the Montgomery County area including Lansdale, Blue Bell, North Wales, Lower Gwynedd and Ambler. She also travels to the Main Line.

The Advantages of Piano Study for Children:

  • Piano lessons help students think critically and develop creative solutions to problems. Students must evaluate notes, rhythms, phrases and dynamics, and from there determine how to create beautiful music.

  • Playing the piano involves both right and left brain activity which stimulates the neural development of the brain. Many children become better readers when they begin piano lessons. Taking piano lessons helps children do better in school, particularly in math. In addition, it helps develop fine motor skills and coordination.

  • Piano lessons help children learn how to stay focused and achieve goals. Children develop time management skills and good study habits due to the necessity of regular practice.

  • Piano lessons help children develop courage! Each lesson and the practice sessions require facing challenges, such as when learning a difficult song. It also takes courage to perform pieces for the teacher at the lesson, as well as perform in front of family and friends at recitals.

  • Piano lessons teach perseverance. In order to accomplish something difficult, we must not give up. As a child experiences their piano lessons, the effort involved in tackling one challenge after another teaches them to keep trying.

For Adults and Seniors:
  • Piano lessons are a great stress reducer. After a long day at work, it's great to come home and unwind by playing your favorite songs. Playing the piano is a great outlet for your feelings and emotions.

  • Research has shown that playing the piano stimulates those areas of the brain which involve memory, which in turn can play a role in preventing Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

  • Piano lessons can help older adults ward off depression. The enjoyment and relaxation experienced by playing the piano enriches one's life. You begin to express yourself creatively and spiritually in new ways. Piano lessons can also lead to new friendships as one pursues their love of music.